Vlastimil Beranek

Vlastimil Beranek was born in 1960 in Nové Město na Moravě and the artist is regarded as one of the best Bohemian crystal masters in the world.

Vlastimil Beranek

Vlastimil Beranek, one of the best European artists, is the third generation of the well-established, glassmaking Beranek family which founded a glasshouse in Škrdlovice in the Czech Republic in the 1940s. He managed the family glassworks from 1992 to 2008.

Vlastimil studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. He is particularly interested in the creation of molten glass sculpture and capturing movement in the simplest way, expressing pure energy in solid material.

His forms are rigid and minimalistic in design, often surpassing the technical limits of technological possibilities.

His monumental sculptures claim their own space and are not limited to the pedestal. They embrace and integrate different dimensions of the space in which they are placed. His glass sculptures are inspired by the depth as well as the mystery of oceans and also by fire.

Each art piece is unique and exclusive, because it was “freely” shaped even with the use of a mold. To sculpt Bohemian crystal is complicated because the material is very brittle and chips easily. Additionally, during melting and grinding, unexpected cracks can develop.

Vlastimil Beranek’s works express movement in a few clean curves. He draws his inspiration from the unknown magic of deep oceans and that is evidenced by his career’s work. In a paradoxical manner, he also draws his inspiration from fire. Vlastimil is deeply concerned about how humans destroy the environment. His dedication to pure perfect form results in immaculately shaped objects perfected with attention to detail and precision.

Vlastimil Beranek Working
Vlastimil Beranek Standing by the sculpure

Vlastimil’s sculptures tend to be heavy, large, and substantial; created to be viewed from 360-degree angles. They feature rigid, elementary forms that often border on the technology’s very possibilities. Possessing a monumental, free-from-compromise expression that does not rely exclusively on the material’s inner aesthetics or a single frame view; claiming their space. They are one-of-a-kind, unique glass sculptures that stand out from the rest with commanding expression.

His exceptional molten glass artwork is part of the collections of institutions including The Ford Museum in the United States and the Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Armenia and in collections of some of the Royal families in the world.

These pieces, sometimes weighing up to 300 kg., take a year to produce and there is no possibility to copy such a Masterpiece. Every single sculpture is unique.

Vlastimil Beranek is represented by Crystal Caviar, a Czech Republic-based company and world-renowned producer of bespoke Bohemian crystal chandeliers and sculptures.